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Obstetric Care Specialist

Alliance OB/GYN

OBGYNs located in Delran, NJ & Hainesport, NJ

For reproductive health and wellness, including a relatively stress-free pregnancy and delivery, you need to connect with an OB/GYN who will provide high-quality obstetrical care that you can rely on. For comprehensive, compassionate care, reach out to Alliance OB/GYN, with locations in Hainesport and Delran, New Jersey. The team at Alliance OB/GYN is experienced and talented, with a heart for women. Book your appointment online or over the phone today.

Obstetric Care Q & A

What is obstetrical care?

Obstetrical care is medical care focused on pregnancy, childbirth, and the female reproductive system. Obstetricians, also commonly called OB/GYNs, provide comprehensive support during your pregnancy.

During regular visits, OB/GYNs care for you and your developing baby by:

  • Performing ultrasounds and measurements
  • Monitoring you for conditions that could affect you and baby’s health (genetic disorders, high blood pressure, infections, gestational diabetes, etc.)
  • Offering you strategies for coping with common pregnancy complaints (back and leg pain, morning sickness, heartburn, etc.)
  • Giving you advice on staying healthy during pregnancy (medications, diet, exercise, etc.)
  • Answering all your questions about your pregnancy and developing child
  • Educating you about labor and delivery

After your delivery, your OB/GYN will support you by monitoring you as you recuperate.

Your Alliance OB/GYN obstetrician can also provide you with contraception counseling and, if applicable, infertility treatment.

Why should I see an OB/GYN instead of a family practice doctor for obstetrical care?

While you can see a family practice doctor during the course of your pregnancy, choosing an OB/GYN offers you many advantages, including:

  • Easier access to genetic testing, ultrasound monitoring, and other technology
  • Their specialized training in handling complications like placenta previa and preeclampsia
  • Their specialized surgical training in C-sections

Also, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, OB/GYNs are better equipped to help you comfortably navigate your pregnancy and safely deliver your child. Your pregnancy might be considered high-risk if you:

  • Are over the age of 35
  • Have a chronic health condition
  • Have a history of miscarriages, C-section delivery, and/or early labor

OB/GYNs can intervene in situations like:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Obstetrical hemorrhage
  • Sepsis
  • Placental abruption
  • Uterine rupture
  • Prolapsed cord
  • Shoulder dystocia (when the baby’s shoulders get stuck during delivery)
  • Fetal distress

No matter what situation arises, your highly trained Alliance OB/GYN is able to rise to the occasion. With them, you and baby are in safe hands.

For the pregnancy help and the best, most comprehensive care for you and your developing baby, seek obstetrical care at Alliance OB/GYN. You can book your appointment today over the phone or via the online booking tool.