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Hysterectomy Procedures


Hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus, is one of the options that the physicians at Alliance OBGYN Associates employ to treat diseases of the uterus.

Strides in research and technology have allowed Alliance OBGYN Associates to offer minimally invasive, day surgery  procedures for hysterectomy, drastically reducing hospital and recovery time.

At Alliance OBGYN associates, we also offer alternatives to hysterectomy. These are minimally invasive, no incision procedures that can be performed in our office.

Patients in New Jersey rarely require emergency hysterectomies, so most of our patients have time to consider all of their options before moving forward.

Our physicians are experienced in all areas of hysterectomy and can help you make a careful, informed decision about whether a hysterectomy is indicated, the risks of the procedure, and the alternatives.

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