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Pelvic Organ Prolapse


Often the anatomy of women’s pelvic organs change as they age, bringing with them a feeling of pelvic pressure or heaviness. Some women even report feeling like something is “falling out of the vagina.”
These symptoms sometimes indicate pelvic support problems, or prolapse, and can require pelvic reconstruction. Broadly, we call this uncomfortable and sometimes embarassing constellation of symptoms  “pelvic support problems.” If you’re struggling with pelvic support problems,  you are not alone! Alliance OBGYN consults with women all the time about pelvic support problems. Don’t live in discomfort.

Treatment for Pelvic Support Problems
There are many conservative treatment options for pelvic support problems, including changes in diet, weight loss, and special kinds of exercises. If these changes are insufficient, your physician might recommend pelvic reconstruction surgery.
The physicians and nurses at Alliance OBGYN Associates are highly experienced with pelvic reconstruction: a common procedure that allows your doctor to reconstruct and rebuild the support for pelvic organs including the urethra, bladder, small intestine, rectum, uterus and vagina.

If you’re experiencing the discomfort of pelvic support problems, give us a call today. We have solutions: 856-320-5069.

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