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High-Risk Obstetrics Specialist

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If you’re pregnant or interested in becoming pregnant, but you have health concerns, reach out to the team at Alliance OB/GYN, with locations in Hainesport and Delran, New Jersey, today. Alliance OB/GYN is equipped to serve high-risk obstetrics patients with compassion and skill. Learn more by scheduling your appointment online or over the phone today.

High-Risk Obstetrics Q & A

What is considered a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is one that carries a high-risk for complications that threaten the life of the mother and/or baby. Some pregnancies present risk as they progress, while some women are at increased risk for complications even before they get pregnant.

To determine your risk for complications, during your first visit, the Alliance OB/GYN team searches your health history for indicators during your first exam.

What are some indicators that my pregnancy is high-risk?

Your pregnancy could be high-risk if you are:

  • A young teenager or an adult over age 35
  • Overweight or obese
  • Pregnant with multiple babies

Your pregnancy may also be high-risk if you have:

  • A history of high-risk pregnancy
  • Chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or HIV
  • A history of uterus and/or abdominal surgeries (C-sections, uterine fibroid removals, etc.)

In addition, lifestyle choices like cigarette smoking, alcohol use, and illicit drug use frequently complicate your pregnancy and put your baby at risk for birth defects.

With the right team of specialists around you, a high-risk pregnancy doesn’t have to be scary. Alliance OB/GYN has physicians and nurse practitioners trained in high-risk obstetrics to help all along the way.

What kind of care do I need with a high-risk pregnancy?

To keep you and your baby or babies happy and healthy during a high-risk pregnancy, your Alliance OB/GYN team develops a specialized care plan with you.

This care plan includes:

  • A schedule of regular checkups
  • A plan of what to do in an emergency
  • Activity instructions

Activity instructions are instructions for activities that will benefit you during your pregnancy, such as bed rest, childbirth classes, special diets, and the like.

In general, to stay healthy during a high-risk pregnancy, you should maintain a diet rich in iron, folic acid, calcium, and protein. To help you reach the levels you need, you can take a daily prenatal vitamin.

Are you pregnant or interested in getting pregnant, but concerned about the risks pregnancy may carry for you and your baby? If so, call or book an appointment at Alliance OB/GYN today for assistance from their kind, compassionate, and experienced high-risk obstetrics team.