Pregnant women and families are excited and happy to finally meet the baby growing in the womb. During delivery, families and pregnant women are anxious because, in a very short span of time during labor, a lot of things can happen. People are already aware and familiar what happened during pregnancy and what happens right after delivery. How about what happens in between? Delivery might seem so short, but there are processes that happen in the woman’s body which leads to a healthy delivery

Stages of Labor and Delivery


What are the Signs of True Labor Versus False Labor

True: Pain radiating from the front and back.
False: Pain is in the front part of the uterus only.

True: Pain brought by true labor contraction is persistent and continuous and is not relieved with whatever position.
False: Pain is relieved by proper positioning and rehydration.

True: True labor contractions have a pattern and the frequency increases in time.
False: False labor, on the other hand, has a varied frequency, strength, and intervals.

True: True labor contractions dilates the cervix.
False: No change in the cervix.

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