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Pregnancy is a beautiful – and critical – journey. You’ve probably heard the very common and obvious pregnancy advice: quit smoking, stop drinking, eat more, and have enough rest. With so many prenatal care tips online, it is important to get the right tips to keep you and your baby healthy throughout the nine months. Alliance ObGyn & Consultants LLC has compiled a quick list for moms-to-be. Check this out:

  1. Learn more about pregnancy care. Being educated makes you feel more prepared on your journey towards delivery. Moms-to-be must take active learning on prenatal and infant care. There are many available resources for pregnancy education online. You may also speak directly with a physician, ask specific concerns, and report any family incidences of birth defects.
  2. Have a healthy weight. Eating for two is expected for pregnant women, but gaining a lot of extra weight is a deal-breaker. The extra weight may be difficult to shed later on. Similarly, being underweight is still grounds for concern, as it becomes a major cause of developmental problems. Consult with your doctor to know your ideal weight and to ensure you’re gaining at a healthy rate.
  3. Switch chores. As your tummy gets bigger and rounder, you may need to break away from doing some chores at home, such as:
    • Changing the kitty litter
    • Scrubbing the floor
    • Dealing with chemicals
    • Lifting heavy objects
    • Standing for long periods of time

    Performing these stressful activities yourself and being exposed to chemicals and pathogens can put you and your baby’s health at risk.

  4. Stay active: Exercise can help you stay fit, avoid stress, improve your mood, and strive to get better sleep. Exercising gives many benefits to moms, however, there is only one caveat you should remember: Do not overdo it.
    Gym classes and lifting weights aren’t necessary. Perform light exercises in at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Walk around cool and shaded areas, join pregnancy exercise groups, and consider water aerobics, too.
  5. Know when to seek medical attention. Which tummy cramp is normal and which one isn’t? Pregnancy can be confusing, most especially to first-time mommies. Here are symptoms that warrant immediate medical attention:
    • Any kind of pain
    • Vaginal bleeding or discharge
    • Contractions
    • Shortness of breath
    • Fainting
    • Mobility issues
    • Decreased baby movements

Learn How to Feel Good about Yourself, Your Pregnancy, and Your Baby

Good prenatal and obstetrical care is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and your baby. Consult with our team at Alliance ObGyn & Consultants LLC for your prenatal and obstetrical care. Ask our doctors on how to deal with the many changes you are experiencing during your pregnancy and ways to stay healthy and safe.

If you have any concern, don’t delay seeking medical help. Call us at 856-320-5069 or request an appointment online. Tell us more pregnancy care tips in the comments. Don’t forget to share this post with your favorite mom-to-be!

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