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Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that develop in or just outside a woman’s uterus. As the cells grow, they form a benign tumor. Having fibroids can be quite challenging since their effects can be painful for women. Some of these symptoms include heavy menstruation, bloating, and constipation. As we already know, some women have periods that can hold them back from performing their daily routine due to nausea or abdominal pain that comes with their monthly cycle. That time of the month can be stressful for any lady and it can be a lot more challenging for them if they have fibroids. If you know someone who has fibroids, doing the 4 tips below can help you in showing your support.

  1. Assemble a fibroids kit
    The good thing about a fibroids kit is you can assemble it in any way you want since it’s all up to you. A fibroids kit is somewhat similar to the idea of a period kit where you put all the necessary things that a person might need in the event of the occurrence of fibroids symptoms. Aside from extra sanitary pads, tampons, or a hot and cold compress, why not throw in a chocolate bar or two? Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food.
  2. Voice out your support
    There’s nothing quite like hearing from another person that they have your back. Constant reassurances that you’re not alone in facing the challenges that come with fibroids can put that person’s mind at ease. Even if it’s just as simple as saying “I’m here for you” can be deeply touching to that person, especially if your sincerity is evident.
  3. Read up
    Educating yourself on what fibroids is, what its implications are, and what treatments can be done will help you become aware of the situation that the person is in. It can also help you in being more attuned to what the person’s specific needs are. When that person knows you’ve been reading up on their condition, they’ll greatly appreciate your efforts since it’s one way of showing that you care.
  4. Be consistent
    Even if you do all of the things above, without consistency, it would be more or less meaningless. Show to that person that you stick to your word and when the going gets tough, you’re still there for them. It can be disheartening to know that a person isn’t consistent all throughout so make sure that you can keep your promises.

Want to know more about fibroids and its possible treatments? Alliance ObGyn & Consultants LLC will gladly answer all of your questions and concerns. You can reach us through our website: or you can call us at 856-320-5069.

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